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What does it Mean to Think of E-Learning as a Business Tool?

What we’re talking about in this book is not knowledge for the sake of knowledge. We’re talking about knowledge and skills for the sake of your business.

This is not the university environment, or even the secondary-school environment. This is training aimed at supporting the goals of your business.

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Thinking of learning as a business tool that can help improve the bottom line is a different perspective from thinking about learning in a university context or even about learning as self-improvement for an individual. This is not knowledge for the sake of knowledge. This is knowledge and skills for the sake of business. For example: It’s not learning Ancient Greek or learning to play the piano. It is learning C++ because your employees need it on the job. It’s learning negotiating skills because your employees need them on the job.

When thought of as a business tool, learning has to serve the needs of that business. It’s critically important, then, to:

  • Shape learning in a specific business direction.
  • Shape learning to a specific level of proficiency.
  • Shape learning within a specific timeframe.

In short, the measure of success is not whether the student learned something. The measure of success if whether it makes a difference to your business.