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What’s the Long-Term Impact of this Crisis?

By the time this question is asked, the immediate crisis has probably faded. This question becomes the basis for dialogue about the future. As a leader, you want to avoid the position of just being a dispenser of wisdom most of the time. During a crisis it is appropriate for you to be an answerer; now that the crisis has passed, it is time for you to encourage your team members to search for their own answers.

Answering a question with a question can be seen as evasive–and it often is. But when this technique is used judiciously, it can be quite dialogue to see this technique in action. effective in bringing groups together to think. Review the following

"What’s the long term impact for us, boss?"

"Actually I’m thankful that we’ve got enough breathing space to ask about long-term anything. From what you’ve seen and heard, what do you think?"

"I haven’t heard much, everybody’s keeping a pretty low profile, but I did see some new orders being processed. That’s got to be a good sign, doesn’t it?"

"I think so, too. Why don’t we get the team together and share what everyone’s been hearing, and then I’ll let you know what I’ve been told. Maybe together we can start to build a picture of the future."