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How Can I Ensure that I Get Credit for the Work I do?

If you want your performance appraisal to reflect your accomplishments, then you should go to your next performance appraisal with a written list. If your manager isn’t likely to remember each and every staff member’s efforts over the quarter or year, this will ensure that your personnel records make mention of them.

You can add to the likelihood that your achievements get his or her attention by focusing your efforts on those activities that are critical to achievement of the department’s objectives or, better yet, your corporation’s strategic mission.

If you want the kind of recognition from senior management that could lead to a promotion, then the latter is doubly important. Associate yourself with a project group working on an issue critical to your organization’s bottom line. No matter how much you contribute to the final effort, you will be remembered for your participation, and senior management will remember you when promotions are being handed out, if they are. There are very few opportunities for advancement in today’s lean organizations.

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You can add to your chance for promotion by taking charge of a project of your own making. Again, select a solution to a problem that is impeding department or organization progress toward a goal, or an opportunity that will enable your department or organization to come closer to that goal or, better yet, to achieve it.

All that is left is making your project a success. Once the work is completed, assuming it has the impact you expected, you are more likely to get the attention of senior management you want.