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Why Should Team Members be Involved in the Selection Process?

As a manager, you have two choices. You can hire someone and let the individual make a place for himself or herself. Or you can involve the team in the decision and thereby shorten the timeframe between the new hire being considered an outsider and being regarded as a team member. The transition won’t only be faster—it will occur in a less traumatic fashion for the new hire.

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Team members should be involved in the selection process as early as possible—even in interviews with prospective candidates. After all, the final choice will have to work effectively with the rest of the team. And participation in the interviews will give team members a good idea of the new hire’s strengths and personality and enable them to relate to him or her more readily.

Even if you don’t include the team in the recruitment process, you should ask them to help the new person adjust to the workplace. Certainly they might invite him or her to their coffee and lunch breaks. You want the new arrival to have a warm, enthusiastic welcome.

To be perceived as a member of the team may not be important to everyone, but to the majority of people it can be gratifying to feel accepted from the first day. With the additional support you provide as supervisor of the new hire, you can begin to get work from the newcomer from the first day.