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Inspire People To Provide Outstanding Service

Good leaders can inspire team members to excel by fostering optimism and a positive outlook. Here are some practical tips:

Create a virtuous circle of positive expectations. Expect your team members to perform well. People are then more likely to live up to them.

Lead by example. Make sure that your own professional work and client relations are models of excellence.

Show particular appreciation and give recognition to efforts that go beyond the call of duty. Do the same for those who surmount difficult obstacles and who achieve outstanding results.

Use positive and optimistic language. Convey the belief that problems can be overcome and work with your people to find solutions.

Nurture people’s creative abilities by building on their ideas and encouraging them to build on yours.

Encourage people to be impatient with the status quo and to look continually for better ways of doing things.

When we talk of inspirational leaders we usually think of statesmen like Winston Churchill or John Kennedy or leaders of subjugated people like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. They all told powerful stories. They all had the gift of language and a way with words that truly gripped people’s attention and encouraged action. Leaders of professional service teams usually inspire in a less dramatic way. The useful attributes are probably energy, enthusiasm and taking a genuine interest in others. Listening well, good humour and the ability and willingness to nurture people’s creative spirits are important accompaniments.