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How Can Involvement of the Team in Department Goal Setting and Planning Improve the Likelihood of Achieving the Plans?

Where teamwork is practiced, members often participate actively in setting group goals relating either to their operation or the corporation as a whole. Hammering out the goals collectively not only utilizes the wisdom of the entire group but also secures ownership to the group goals. People are more likely to support that to which they have contributed and created than that which has been handed down from on high.

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When the team is part of the problem-solving effort, as well as planning process, you won’t hear members make statements like, "I didn’t think this would really work" or "That’s what our manager wanted so I agreed, but I knew this wouldn’t work." Further, because goals have been set as a group, even individual goals, one person’s goals are not in conflict with another team member’s.

When goals are set as a group, it is clear to all members who is responsible for what. In traditional organizations in which team-building is neglected, you may find problems such as overlapping responsibility or even unassigned responsibility, problems unlikely to occur when the group as a whole sits down and makes plans and then individual members commit to aspects of the plan.