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Intrapersonal Qualities Associated With Emotional Intelligence


Am I aware of the effects of my behaviour on others?

Am I realistic in my assessment of my abilities?

Am I realistic in my assessment of my moods and emotions?

Do I recognize feelings as being valuable?

Is my self-confidence well judged?

Emotional self-control

Am I able to control my emotions?

Am I able to avoid suppressing my feelings when it is more appropriate for them to be expressed?


Am I conscientious about such matters as fulfilling obligations, helping others, collaborating and realizing objectives?

Am I able to control or redirect impulses?

Am I able to organize my work and time effectively?


Am I adaptable when necessary?

Do I enjoy new experiences and variety?

Am I open to new ideas?

Do I enjoy being with individuals who are very different from me?


Am I able to pursue objectives with energy and enthusiasm?

Do I have a strong drive to achieve good results?

Am I generally optimistic about achieving success?


Am I persistent in pursuit of my objectives?

Am I self-sufficient?

Am I persistent when faced by obstacles?

Am I resourceful when faced by challenges?


Am I optimistic generally about the future?

Do I use coping mechanisms for dealing with tension, eg physical exercise, talking to others or taking time out to relax?

Do I keep myself physically and mentally in reasonably good shape?