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Build Trust

The essence of the relationship between professionals and their clients is one of integrity and trust. Whenever I ask professionals and their support colleagues what they expect of their team leaders it is no surprise to me to find that they express similar sentiments. They want to be able to trust their team leaders’ motives. They will accept influence and guidance if they believe that team leaders see their prime task as one of helping others rather than purely themselves. They expect their team leaders to be open and honest. They expect them to do what they promise. They judge them by their actions rather than by their words. They expect team leaders to live consistently by the values that the firm and they themselves advocate. Above all they expect team leaders to listen. They expect them really to listen and to take account whenever possible of their ideas, opinions and concerns, and when it is not possible they expect to receive a clear explanation. This is integrity and trust in practice. Values are explored further in Direction: Objectives, Values, Strategy and Change  and there is more on listening in Communications: Getting the Message Across, Listening and Creating the Right Climate .