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How Can I Ensure That Individuals Hired Fit Into Our Corporate Culture?

You want to make the right match, and personality type is as important as job specs or experience. Let’s assume that you run a very team-oriented group. You don’t want to hire someone who takes pride in his or her individualism. Or maybe your company is more individualist and the candidate has worked previously in team-oriented organizations and thought well of the system. By the questions you ask, you need to determine if the individual would feel as satisfied in an environment where individuals work independently and if he or she would be as productive in that environment as he or she was at the previous employer.

The questions you ask will tell you whether you and the applicant will make a good match or a mismatch. Find out what the prospect liked best about his or her previous jobs, what he or she liked least. Describe some of the work and ask the applicant how he or she would approach the work. Describe an assignment done by the previous occupant of the job. Ask the applicant how he or she might have handled the assignment.

Still unsure? Describe your department’s culture and ask, outright, how the applicant would feel.