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How do I Keep Enthusiasm High During Tough Economic Times?

During tough economic times, employees will worry about their job security. If you know members of your team will be laid off, let them know as soon as possible. Employees should not leave the office uncertain about their position unless it is absolutely necessary. When decisions about layoffs take too long, and employees aren’t given the information about what is happening, negative feelings toward the organization develop.

Employees who survive layoffs experience negative feelings as well. Be aware that they may be upset; give them the time to readjust.

If you can help those laid off to find new positions, do so. Not only will it make you feel better but it will also make the survivors feel that you truly care about those who were let go. This can go a long way to taking the edge off of anger with the organization. Those who stay will know that you and the organization are concerned about everyone’s future.