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How do I Create an Atmosphere of Openness and Trust in my Staff?

Openness and trust take time to develop. You can’t make it happen by edict or one or two acts.

Start by having an informal discussion with your employees. Ask them what you can do together to change the climate from what it is to what they need and you would like it to be. Then take steps to implement change. For instance, if people want to be more informed about corporate plans, then meet regularly with your staff to share information.

Here are some other steps you should consider:

  • Encourage feedback in meetings.
  • Avoid arbitrary decisions.
  • Only promise things you can deliver.

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In your day-to-day relations with your people, encourage them to contribute their ideas—and listen. If their ideas have promise, talk them out and implement those that will work. Explain why others wouldn’t work.

Avoid arbitrary decisions unless they are absolutely essential. If possible, explain the reasons behind them. If your decisions appear arbitrary, your staff will trust you less.

Actions like these, practiced over time, will increase the trust of your people and establish the climate you want.