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Follower Styles

While these tendencies can be measured, you probably already have a sense of how you tend to operate, at least in relationship to the current leaders with whom you interact. As you read further, keep in mind this self-assessment and the direction in which you feel you would like to grow. You can then consider and test the ideas and suggestions you will encounter to help you do so.

Implementer Partner
Dependable Purpose driven
Supportive Mission oriented
Considerate Risk taker
Advocat eCultivates relationships
Defender Holds self and others accountable
Team oriented Confronts sensitive issues
Compliant Focuses on strengths and growth
Respectful of authority Peer relations with authority
Reinforces leader’s perspectives Complements leader’s perspectives
Resource Individualist
Present Confrontational
Available Forthright
Extra pair of hands Self-assured
Brings specific skills Independent thinker
Uncommitted Reality checker
Primary interests lie elsewhere Irreverent
Executes minimum requirements Rebellious
Makes complaints to third parties Self-marginalizing
Avoids the attention of authority Unintimidated by authority